Glory and Her Friends

Meet the Bandobeenie Bees™!
Glory and her family live in a hive at Glory Bee Farm. You can learn all about their lives in glory’s adventure book.

Glory Bandobeenie

The protagonist and adventurer, we see our main character from birth throughout her entire life.

She is a little impulsive and immature but adorable and kind.

Sweet Bee Bandobeenie

Glory’s best friend and little sister, she is the other half of the little power duo in the hive.

Angela Bandobeenie

One of Glory’s teachers, big sister and the “good cop” part of the training.

Commander Cranky Pants Bandobeenie

The second more intense teacher. CC was born with more German genetics than the other girls. She is Angela’s teaching partner and Glory’s other big sister. Bad cop!

Franchesca Bandobeenie

The Italian speaking Queen Mother of the colony. Fran, as matriarch, is a more behind the scenes character.