Adventures of Glory

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The exciting adventures of Glory Bee – the most popular member of the Bandobeenie family to join the hive at Glory Bee Farm. A little bit fiction, a little bit science, a whole lotta fun – you won’t be able to put this book down!

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From the moment Glory Bandobeenie opens her eyes, she’s immersed in a grand adventure. Between meeting her sisters (she has thousands), dealing with her brothers, coming face to face with the Beetles and (finally!) meeting her mother The Queen, Glory’s life is a buzz of activity. If you’ve ever wondered what happens inside a beehive, join Glory as she navigates the wonderous world of the apis mellifera living at Glory Bee Farm.

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6 reviews for Adventures of Glory

  1. Janet Lynn Martin

    If you haven’t read Linda Di Gloria’s, the Education and Adventures of Glory, a Honeybee yet, grab a copy and take a few minutes and sit down to read it. It is endearing, while being educational; it is playful, while being scientific; and it is important!! At this time, on our planet, we all need to learn more about loving and protecting bees. The story is about just that, loving and protecting bees, from a very personal perspective. Endearing and uplifting!!!!

  2. Becky Dineen

    Linda has put so much LOVE into this wonderful book. It is a delightful story of the “family” of honey bees and how amazing that family is. Her research and knowledge of bees are evident, the scientifically speaking are spot on. I am a fan of the audiobook as it really brings the characters to life. As a beekeeper myself this book really makes me smile but is Really for Everyone!

  3. Todd Truby

    Bee Inspired! What a perfect summary of this wonderful story. My friend and awesome beekeeper Linda Di Gloria wrote this delightfully entertaining and extremely educational book about honey bees. Thank you Linda for allowing me to be one of the first to read your book. There is just enough anthropomorphism to make this cute, funny and entertaining yet still present facts and science in an accurate and easy to follow way. If you keep bees or just like bees (who are you if you don’t!) you should get your hands on a copy of this book and enjoy learning something.

  4. Rhonda Trusso

    My first grade class was so excited to meet Linda and the bees and hear an excerpt from the book. We can’t wait to read and learn more about Gloria and her bee friends!

  5. Joan Reubens

    I was given Linda’s name from my friend and coworker Amanda after I told her about a bee hive that I have in my tree. It’s been there a few months and I wasn’t sure if I should have it removed. After speaking with Linda I feel comfortable keeping the hive where it is. She did say if anything happens with it to call her and she can come and help. She also told me to call her anytime I have questions. I’m grateful to have spoken with her and will call her if I need. Thank you so much, Linda!

  6. David

    I called Glory Bee to inquire about what varieties of honey they sold, and was told that they have an especially flavorful tasting honey in stock. Because it was for delivery as a gift to a friend in Clearwater, I was pleased to learn that for a reasonable extra charge, it could be hand delivered by the next day. Both my friend and I were very pleased.

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